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    Default Drawing a horizontal line between 2 dates

    Hello !!Always on Amibroker ...

    I search a piece of code showing me how to draw a horizontale line between 2 differents dates ...

    ex (quick code)

    hzline = 1 ;
    date1 = 12/10/2003;
    date2 = 12/12/2003;
    plot(hzline, date1 ,date2,colorred); //something like this ; need a loop perhaps ?

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    Default Re: Drawing a horizontal line between 2 dates

    I think you need to include the line style

    - plot(hzline, date1 ,date2,colorred,styleLine)

    Not sure as I haven't tried it.

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    Default Re: Drawing a horizontal line between 2 dates

    No , it was more complex .

    Here was the response ....


    Now I need to catch number's bar when a MA cross above another MA .
    Probably with the function barindex ...

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