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    Default US is stuffed no matter who wins

    I enclose a prescient article from yahoo finance from a woman advising her children how to cope with the recent financial gyrations.

    It displays the disconnect between the media and reality, between the US and the rest of the world, between rich and poor, that transcends differences between left and right.

    It is drivel.

    Click on it, this is what voters are reading as they decide who to vote for.



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    Default Re: US is stuffed no matter who wins

    haha nice find - you know things are cutting pretty deeply when you can't afford a snowmobile. (woops, sorry, guilty of negative speak should have said "chosen not to make a snowmobile a top spending priority" ... over food for example lol).

    Maybe a few families in the more impoverished parts of the world could take a leaf from her book. Central African parent to kids - "Sorry kids, we can of course afford food, but we have just chosen not to make it our top spending priority today"
    Don't take investment advice from seafood.

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    Default Re: US is stuffed no matter who wins

    yah, US has been hit too hard with the big financial companies going bankrupt or take over. Its gonna take a long time to recover no matter who wins.

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    Default Re: US is stuffed no matter who wins

    Much is great in good old USA. Falls in commodity prices, quoted in US dollars, will get the economy back on track. The strong dollar will sharply tank the prices of imports. Buy America I say, yes, buy America I say.

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