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    Default Lehman CDS payments now due, but no news?

    Just wondering if this may be over simplifying the issue, but the Lehman CDS payments where due yesterday.


    I can't find any follow up news on the payments being made or who's been left holding the "junk" or who's holding the redemptions.

    Has anyone heard anything of payments being made and from whom? Seems all suspiciously quiet. Is this simply a case of companies writing cheques, or are there further complications?

    This has been hovering over the market for some time, but when payout day arrives, I can't find a single article. Perhaps my understanding of this is all wrong.

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    Default Re: Lehman CDS payments now due, but no news?

    down the bottom there is some news on the latest: http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...ad.php?t=13010

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    Default Re: Lehman CDS payments now due, but no news?

    Just found some info in the forum here.


    Still no reporting on who paid out what though, and if the amounts are so small, why is there no press beat up across markets to clear the air?

    Think this thread needs to be merged/moved to the above Credit Default Swap thread, sorry.

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