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    Default ASX company announcement calendar?

    Hi my virginal post so please be gentle.

    I am wondering if there are any sources of pending company announcement like in a calendar?

    If there arent any free ones, can anyone recommend a decent source for researched information. I dont really want the analysis as much as I just want to be alerted to pending announcements.

    Thanks for you help.

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    Default Re: ASX company announcement calendar?

    DYOR, I am not a financial advisor

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    Default Re: ASX company announcement calendar?

    Company announcements are generally not fixed when pertaining to business operations.

    However :- annual general meetings & dividend notices are around the same time each year for that company and these details can be found on their website or via your broker website (comsec or e-trade for example)
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    Default Re: ASX company announcement calendar?

    if you are referring to regular items like quarterly cashflow reports, or annuals etc, then yes they do have a calendar, or more a cutoff date.
    for example all small companies (i think those outside asx200 (someone else please confirm/deny)) have to report their cashflows before 31/10, and every 3 months (1 month after the end of the quarter).
    what the other cutoff dates are, i dont know.

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    Default Re: ASX company announcement calendar?

    Thanks for all the replies, sorry for my lack of response ive been on the road with work.

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    Default Re: ASX company announcement calendar?

    Here is another one you can try www.brr.com.au/this_month . Just place your mouse over the top of company code to see what event is coming up.

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