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    Default Sydney Futures Exchange

    What is the Sydney Futures Exchange?

    How influential is it over our markets?

    Do you think it can be used as a reliable predictor for how our market is going to perform the next day?

    I Googled "Sydney Futures Exchange" and all i got was the ASX website. Is there a seperate website for it? Can you see people trading on it, eg, can you see price fluctuations like you can with your online broker?

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    Default Re: Sydney Futures Exchange

    ASX - Stocks eg BHP, CBA
    SFE - Futures eg SPI, 10 year bonds

    Now they have merged - so just ASX now.
    Influence on our markets? Nil - its an exchange.
    Think you're talking about the our futures (SPI), it leads the physical slightly by virtue of being updated more often than our index... In daytime, SPI and cash index will track each other, night SPI tracks US futures.

    If you want to see the futures fluctuate in real time, you need a futures broker or charting package that supplies future data. ie Not Comsuc...
    SFE's simulator game had live SPI but not sure if thats still up anymore.
    I believe effort to be a finite resource. Something to be used only when there are no other options available.

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