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    MiningPlazza.com.au will be listing on the ASX soon, they have just unveiled innovative solutions for the mining industry in form of a mining directory, which they claim is the only website in the world that currently offers a unique combination of mining industry directory services, career opportunities, business networking and knowledge based discussion forums specifically targeted at the mining industry all from one website.

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    Not to be a downer but I honestly don't think this will be as popular as intended, most companies already have good relations with local suppliers. This is not the first "yellow pages" for mines as I have seen them before, are they still around? Well I'm not sure. Personally I will be giving this float a miss.

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    When do you plan on getting the prospectus out/is it already out?

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    I don't see much activity on their website. Is this a new site or a popular one?

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    Such a bad time to be listing atm.

    It would be interesting to see stats of how many ipo's are not having enough interested participants to list.

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