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    Default Dead Cat Bounce?

    So, are we watching a dead cat bounce, yesterday and today?
    Or has the race to the bottom finished?
    IMHO, I doubt if its over yet.
    When the polies start the printing presses, is it time to get really worried??????

    What are the ASFers thoughts?

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    Default Re: Dead Cat Bounce

    I came to this forum to ask the EXACT same question, lol.

    My guess is that this is just part of volatility, volatility means prices are fluctuating a lot, so that means prices can go up as well as down... but 500 points onto the ASX in 2 days is far too much, and probably not sustainable.

    Call me a glutton for punishment but I am actually hoping the market sinks a bit lower. I have to get my online trading account sorted so I can start buying

    I'm a supernoob tho, so don't count on my being right... hence why I came online to ask. Thoughts anyone?

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    Default Re: Dead Cat Bounce

    So far I have got my money back but no profit as soon as I see a rise I am cashing in and maybe buy back after a drop. I have LNC???
    I base this on Tea leaves in my Coffee which is just as good as any other advise around.
    I see the Economist for Comsec tells us we won't have a recession which is hard to explain why we a re in one now???

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    Default Re: Dead Cat Bounce

    I'm glad it did bounce for 2 days, its only just got back to the low side to the normal low range so its not an unexpected level. Its giving a sense of normality that's for sure.

    It's been volatile alright, basically everyone thinking, "oh no, the credit flow is causing nerves causing the prices to move to low to quickly, will my dollars turn to blips on a screen ? sell everything I'll keep what money I can ?".

    Now with all the world's banks and govt's stepping up to the plate and guarantee'ing deposits and the like, people are thinking "ah good, back to normal for now, lets put our feet in the water and wait to see what happens on Tuesday in the US the first full day of trading as it was Columbus day on Monday.

    We could just see some normality for a little while. The comodities price movements have halted, I'm keeping an eye on that right now.

    Time for some bravado :
    Was I worried on Friday ? Wish I had of bought more now.
    Did you get some for yourself Buddy ?
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