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    Things seemed to have gone very quiet of late regarding the threatened legal action against Coach Bellamy and CEO Waldron of Melbourne Storm by the three precious flowers that form the NRL judiciary.

    They refused to accept the 'half-arsed' apology offered by the two miscreants, and fulminated about how badly damaged their delicate psyches were.

    But wait. It looks like that they will have to fund the legal action themselves. Apparently the NRL is not prepared to pick up the tab.

    Surprise! Apparently they may not be as wounded as they would have had us believe. Perhaps it was just a misunderstanding and, who knows, the 'half-arsed' apologies might just be acceptable after all ...

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    This whole thing is so stupid. It's just a game FFS!
    If someone was looking for an example of "unaustralian-ism" then this would be it, getting fined for criticising the judiciary.

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