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    Default Mobile trading phones & PDAs

    I am looking to keep an eye on open positions while away from the desktop computer, so trying to find a good compromise between phone and or PDA for mobile trading, and perhaps a GPS as a bonus.

    Any suggestions and/or experiences with phones and providers?

    I will be using IG's platform. Price is not a big factor, so long as it works well for phone/trading/GPS?
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    Default Re: Mobile trading phones & PDA's

    HTC Diamond Touch (Or the Pro version if you want a sliding Keyboard)


    I use the imate jas-jam (about 3yrs old)... not bad for an all rounder. So I think the Diamond Touch should be heaps better... brother has one and raves about it.

    He said after upgrading the firmware, most of the negative stuff that was orignally reviewed were fixed (eg battery life, lag, etc...)

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    Default Re: Mobile trading phones & PDAs

    Or you could just get an iphone...

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    Default Re: Mobile trading phones & PDAs

    I have an iPhone and find it perfect, there are some great apps available that allow you to stay in touch.

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    iphone and comsec.com.au/iphone
    end of story.
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    I think any phone from verizon would do that or iPhone.

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