It is a must read!!!

morning, because I have greatly edited this verison of the Rasipedia to reflect the rapidly-changing situation regarding the global, systemic, synchronized financial and economic collapse.

To that end, I have extensively revised and updated several sections of this massive missive, especially:

Section 3: What will Happen, even though the Hanktator Act has been Passed" well as updating and revising some of the other sections in a futile attempt to keep abreast of what is turning into a once-in-a-century, historic, financial panic.

In additon to the revamping of the regular Rasipedia, I have also included a special treat for those who are kind enough to tolerate my rantings and ravings. (Please see Point 3 of the Updates below.)

Rasipedia Updates:

1. It appears that The U.K., Germany AND France are all set to announce the nationalization of their respective banking systems. Furthermore, there is a "trial balloon" being floated that perhaps the U.K. will close their banking and financial system for a period of time to avoid the continuation of the mass panic and stock market selloff.

Heh. Nothing like locking the exits in a crowded, burning casino to instill a sense of "calm" in the gamblers, I say. In any event, this simulataneous nationalization should convince even the blindest, dumbest, "buy the dips" bulls that there is a problem in the global economy. Duh.

2.I fully expect a similar announcement of nationalization of the U.S. banking system as early as Monday as well. Luckily for us, Monday is ALREADY an official bank holiday (Columbus Day), so TPTB won't have to declare the banks closing under emergency order. However, on Tuesday all bets are off.

3.Finally, as yet another reward for your kind tolerance of my posting these massive, unwieldy, rambling rants, I have this morning included a special section entitled "Cliff Notes Version" of the Rasipedia. This is a simple, boiled-down-to-its essence, six-point synopsis of the situation. I provide this abbreviated version for two purposes:

1. For those readers who are tired of having to navigate the increasingly-Byzantine labrynthe that the regular Rasipedia has become


2. For perhaps sharing with the ADD/ADHD, clueless and willfully ignorant masses who STILL are not getting the message that the world's financial system has collapsed.

So, without further ado, here is the "Cliff Notes Version" of the Rasipedia:

"Cliff Notes Version" of Rasipedia.

1. The "Ponzi Pyramid of Debt Death/Bretton Woods II" that was the world's financial system collapsed five weeks ago today. Tens of trillions of electronic fiatscos were evaporated from the servers and spreadsheets housing them.

2. Literally every single large financial instution failed, simultaneously. Worldwide.

3. The world's governments and central banks have been performing ever-greater and more desperate maneuvers to revive the now-decaying corpse, pumping in seven trillion fiatscos.

4. So far, their efforts have shown little success as the spillover effects on the credit and equity markets can no longer be hidden.

A full blown, up-in-your-face credit collapse and stock market colllapse has ensued. Again, worldwide.

5. Coming next: "Great Depression II Meets Mad Max".

6. Therefore, we're scroomed.

(Ras): So, there you have it. The "short-and-sweet version" of Rasipedia.

Perhaps you might have better luck getting through to the sheeple if you send them this version, as opposed to the opressive, boring "Sunday Edition" of the Rasipedia. At least there is some hope that the sheeple will read it, even if they don't understand or believe it.


Now, onto the "Sunday Edition" of the Rasipedia: