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    Post CMJ - Consolidated Media Holdings

    Was surprised not to find a thread already on these guys.

    Any truth to the rumour they are almost in breech of debt covenants?

    Don't hold fwiw.
    Up the Rats!!!!

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    Default Re: CMJ - Consolidated Media Holdings

    Can someone tell me if I should buy if it breaks the descending line?

    How would you interpret what's happened in the last 2 months?

    If it does break out should I buy on the break or wait to see if it gets through the 2.55 resistance?

    Sorry, I'm a noob.

    I'm planning atm to enter if it breaks the line and goes to 2.45 in the next few days..
    Please say what you think.

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    Default Re: CMJ - Consolidated Media Holdings

    Has anyone got any ideas as to why Packer is selling atm? (Seek and the building in Sydney CMJ owned)

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