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    Just to side track abit.
    Do Australia have laws prohibiting online betting?

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    In the newspapers, about a year ago, a CBA Bank Manager gambled on the internet, on the bank premises, using the bank's money, and lost a few million dollars.

    From memory, he confessed about the losses, before the bank found out. How is that for internal control???

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    So there is no laws which prohibits the betting on sites like ladbrokes?
    And Australian banks have no rules which prohibits transactions which fund the betting account?

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    My instincts have just sounded an alarm.

    From one of your earlier post on another thread, you are a school kid in Singapore.

    Why are you asking these types of questions???

    I have heard that the education system in Singapore is very competitive and kids are under a lot of pressure to achieve. Why are you spending so much time on this forum???

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    Hey buddy, I had graduated from polytechnic and are now serving my military term in the army... It is mandatory for all males here to serve in the military...
    As Singapore had strict gaming laws, I'm looking to funding my ladbrokes account from an Australian bank account.

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