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    So with badly burnt fingers from being a long term equities investor (fundamentals no worky in this environment so I'm sitting in the red at present) I'm thinking about Forex as a way to help pay the bills ...

    First stop is some learning - can anyone recommend some good books, online learning etc? I ain't putting any money in until I've done some schooling.

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    very good book which will help explain the mechanics of the market (cheap too): http://www.******************/default....=5016&c=0&a=74

    Once you'd have a read of that, look online, there's craploads of free trading systems that you can demo - specifically look at that forexfactory.com Forums, also recommend bookmarking the mainpage of FF as its economic calendar is 2nd to none IMO.


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    Check out the chartology section at CNBC...


    Videos are worth looking at. For example:

    * Spotting A Bottom
    * Is the bottom in

    You might not agree with the commentators but should get something out out the videos.

    Actually, look at most of the fast money videos.


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