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    Default Best bouncer?

    I've been out of trading for a while, been burnt so many times my fingers itch

    But, I feel like next week will see a rally so I thought I'd punt some spare cash, so what stocks do people think will bounce the biggest?

    I might just do the index funds... or the stock comp winners...

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    Default Re: Best bouncer?

    Sorry couldn't resist.
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    Default Re: Best bouncer?

    While I'm not authorised to give financial advise:

    This should be the best bouncer!
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    The simple things in life are free!

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    Default Re: Best bouncer?

    LOL or how about everyone's favourite Bouncer?
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    Or this little chap
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    tiggers gotta be the best bouncer around
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    Wink Re: Best bouncer?

    LOL@ all of the above,..

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    Default Re: Best bouncer?

    This one, like FDL this time last year when I had 500,000 of the suckers and thought my money was better off in a swamp.
    Hanging on either way

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    I love the attitute of ASF, the worst the market news and reactions the funnier the posts get. Keep going "Make my day".


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    Default Re: Best bouncer?

    This one didn't Bounce,


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