CNN have always a positive answer/solution for the average yank regarding the financial crisis. Article today by Money Magazine on their site asking 8 financial experts "what are you doing with your own portfolio?

1. Karen fin. planner- I'm not making many changes because I've been well positioned for some time, but added bonds, very high yields!
2.Laurence. Co Author the Coming Generational Storm-I beleive US will weather the storm. Heavily invested in US, Canadian stocks, Commodities & recently financials.
3.Eileen fin. planner- There's a lot of noise out there, but beleive long term, holding.
4.Meir Professor of Behavioural Finance-nothing since crisis hit. I knew then as I know now you cannot beat the market.

Can't do the last 4, wet myself laughing.
The above testimonials prove we are nowhere near bottom