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    Default Should I sell or hold?

    I have 1000 BHP bought at $32.59 and 1000 WES bought at $28.65.

    I am thinking to hold them for the long term cuz they are quality blue chip stocks but all the negative news about commodities and retails are having an effect on my nerves.

    What do you guys think? Sell now and coping a loss or hold to see it through?

    Any advice is deeply appreciated.

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    Default Re: Should I sell or hold?

    Welcome to ASF.

    Unfortunately, everyone here at ASF is unable to provide specific advice. If you wish to seek advice on this matter, please get in touch with a licensed financial advisor.

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    Default Re: Should I sell or hold?

    Hi master82,

    Unfortunately members of this forum are unable to provide you with specific advice, such as buy, hold or sell recommendations.

    Only licensed financial advisors can legally provide this kind of advice.

    ASIC has some information here on licensed financial advisors including a licensees register.

    This thread has now been closed.

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