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    Default The Death of Rene Rivkin

    I saw this in the newspaper this morning:


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    I liked the man...pity what happened but I felt it was overdone...he made a lot of money for a lot of people...all I can say we lost a colourful person who contributed a lot to the sharemarket..I met him once..and I feel that is a pity that he thought the whole world was against him...no ,in fact there are a lot who thought very highly of him I am one of these induviduals

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    Shame he had to subject his mother to finding him, after a family history of her dealing with suicides.
    Cowardly exit IMO, whether he was a good bloke or not.

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    I am very sorry to hear of his death. He went through so much - the public humiliation, the divorce and his poor health. I liked him and thought him a very entertaining character. Through all the poor press over the past few years, I never thought less of him. I wish he had come through this low period in his life and got back on top. 61 is too young to die !

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    Sad to see him go in this way.

    If you have not seen it before the interview with Andrew Denton on Enough Rope (ABC) is well worth watching if they repeat it.

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    I remember back in 1999, when he bought Manchester United out to Australia after the treble win
    I was at the game in Sydney and when the annoucer introduced Rene, he was booed by the crowd

    So it seems people were against him well before the insider trading conviction, there was no reason I could think of for why people booed him, except maybe the tall poppy syndrome

    Sad loss anyway

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    In total control right to the end!!

    He had a full sized ego and so he should have that was part of the man.

    I liked him also.

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    I remember reading a copy of Wealth Creator Magazine that had a feature article on the success of Rene when I was 16, it was the first time I had ever heard of him. I believe it was Rene who sparked my interest in trading and investment.

    Also in this magazine was an article by Anthony Robbins about creating a compelling future, this was the first of many teachings from a man that has gone on to become my number role model, along with Jesse Livermore and Warren Buffett.

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    I like Rene too because he was passionate about what he did. I remember four years ago being up at 4am with my first child and watching him on those infomercials. He loved what he was doing and was successful because of it. Of course he manipulated a few things (who doesn't) but I always got the impression that he did the best by his clients and made money for them.

    The punishment never did fit the crime and the tall poppy syndrome always had people out to get him. The sentence he received was the beginning of the end for everything he held dear.

    He's OK and I feel for him.

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    he was my idol =[ he was the one who inspired me. i read the transcript of the Andrew Denton on Enough Rope (ABC) interview. its really interesting, he said he starting to think of making money at the age of 4 ? haha...

    rip buddy

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