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    Hi All,

    I am thinking of attending my first AGM.
    As I am in Adelaide we don't get too many. But Argo will be having their AGM on the 27th October.

    For those who have been to AGM's before, a couple of questions.

    - How long do they usually last?
    - What attire is suitable?
    - What do I need to bring in anything?
    - What do I need to do if I have a question?


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    Well if its anything like this one may i suggest
    1. until the cops arrive
    2.full body armour
    3.boxing gloves
    4.punch out the guy speaking louder than you
    ..hope this helps

    Fists, chairs fly as Golden West clash turns violent

    30th August 2008, 10:45 WST

    Simmering tensions erupted into violence at a showdown between Golden West Resources and Portman yesterday, with shareholders throwing punches and chairs after a proposed board spill was all but rejected.

    Up to a dozen people were thought to have been caught up in the shortlived melee, which exploded in a meeting room at the Parmelia Hilton following the adjournment of an extraordinary meeting of Golden West shareholders.

    The brawl, which was broken up with the aid of hotel staff, is believed to be related to a long-running dispute between certain shareholders in Golden West and its one-time hostile suitor, Fairstar Resources. The dispute has included claims of intimidation and standover tactics.

    The punch-up had echoes of last year’s fiery annual meeting of Golden West which saw a series of verbal clashes between an angry shareholder and the board.

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    I went to this one Brett (ARG 2008), just PMd you. Was NOT impressed with the conduct of some more senior folk who should really know better, re: handling food and pigging out.

    I was so disgusted with it that I left early into the 'refreshments' piece. My first AGM was 2007 with BHP, no problems, loved it.

    Just wish there were more AGMs in ADL and more Gen-X/Y shareholders like me !

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    Quote Originally Posted by nunthewiser View Post
    Well if its anything like this one may i suggest
    1. until the cops arrive
    2.full body armour
    3.boxing gloves
    4.punch out the guy speaking louder than you
    ..hope this helps
    Wow. What a story. And I thought that I had seen irate when Jack Tilburn took the stage. This guy can get a bit upset, as Stephen Mayne will testify (as will the youtube video). It was such sport to watch him at the BHP AGM 2007.

    That's why I love reading about 'just what happened that was scandalous or heated' during such and such's AGM, then I go back and watch the webcast on their site. Toll 2008 and Westpac 2008 were most entertaining at question time !

    Seriously though, Brett was right re: what do you wear ?. I was wearing a nice top, jeans, trainers - smart casual, and the security guy at one AGM did not believe I was actually there for the AGM until I whipped out my paperwork and proved I was a shareholder. I guess that they are there to stop protestors etc., as they were not there at another AGM I went to.

    (oh good, I am not alone - "The Macquarie Bank EGM for its financial restructure at The Westin in Sydney on Friday was full of burly security guards in smart suits for no apparent reason – unless they were scared of Jack Tilburn and his raves against the font size in the explanatory memorandum" - sourced from Crikey.com)

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