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    Hi pals, I'm from Singapore... I know this topic might be off track, but hope to get good advice from pals down under...
    Looking forward to a education in australia, interested in Accounting or Electronics Engineering... I'm an average grade student...
    Any recommendation on which university?

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    Accounting at Adelaide University and Electronics Engineering at Flinders University, that's if you are planning to live in Adelaide. Adelaide has a cheaper cost of living and a quieter lifestyle.

    **** WARNING *****

    Australian University are becoming very expensive for full-fee paying students so you will need to pay up front which will cost you more than $20,000 per year.

    I have been through university and the debt at the end may not be worth it.

    Ouch!!! the real cost of being a student!

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    The cost of living in one of the smaller cities is much cheaper than elsewhere in Australia, I guess a lot depends on how close to the campus you want to live, if you are going to get a car etc

    I thought this site may be of use

    I work at one of the campuses (but not for the University) in Canberra which I think covers both your choices so feel free to ask any questions you may have


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    Thanx alot bvb, your site is of great help.
    By the way, KrisBarry, I thought you are an Australian? So you won't need to pay as much as an International student right?
    I read somewhere, which says Brisbane has a slightly lower cost of living in Adelaide. May I right?

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    Yes I am Australian, so I was able to use the HECS system. But it toook me 10 years to pay of this debt so lots of interest was charged. (CPI) X 10 Years. I think in one of those years CPI was running at 6%.

    Yes Brisbane has a few cheaper items... they have a much larger tourism industry and therefore less taxes.

    Petrol, Beer, Cigarettes are certainly cheaper, but I would say that rental and housing cost would be higher.

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