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    in Wednesday's AFR special reports liftout titled 'online trading'. "Ting says
    as far as he is aware, the main online trading forums in Australia are HotCopper
    and AussieStockForums."

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    Hot copper is not in the same class as this forum .. no offense to Hot copper users but the joint is an arena for scams, great typists with a "im da man " complex and general fantasy a lot of the time .
    i come here because u can read an opinion without being blinded with bullsheet.
    thanks ASF and its users

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    When I first goggled for an Aussie share forum, ASF was on top of the list so this is the one I registered for. I had no idea what HotCopper was until YT made complaints about his stock tips ending up there. I had a look but didn't like the feel or look of their web interface. The place looked chaotic. According to the article HC has 80K active members!

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    LOL if u removed all the multi aliases you could probably cut that number by 2/3

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    In light of what happened with one of their posters caught out not long ago ramping up companies he had an interest in which caught the eye of the AFP, I'm surprised the site wasn't taken offline.

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