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    Ok set your watch by this -

    1. Rising interest Rates

    2. Falling Share Prices

    3. Falling Commodity Prices

    4. Falling Overseas Reserves

    5. Tighter Money

    6. Falling Real Estate Values

    7. Falling Interest Rates

    8. Rising Share Prices

    9. Rising Commodity Prices

    10. Rising Overseas Reserves.

    11. Easier Money

    12. Rising Real Estate Values

    This has been around for decades, how does it hold up today ?

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    I think it still holds up but there needs to be a third hand on the clock in this environment. That hand is the little red one to set the alarm. I think I can hear it ringing now at 6.30.

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    I think you're spot on with your financial clock. The investment cycle is constantly at work. Always has been, always will be.

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