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    Default SPI depth being 'spread out' across the orderbook

    Upon opening SPI depth for the first time I found that everything is spread out across the orderbook. At first I thought it was some kind of error in NT, but then I checked in IB client and it was the same.

    What is up with bid/ask levels being spread out so much?

    Also I noticed alot more fills above the ask, and below the bid in T&S. How is this possible?

    Even the DAX appears normal in comparison to this.

    I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean.
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    Default Re: SPI depth being 'spread out' across the orderbook

    You are on the wrong contract month. try 09-08 till next week

    EDIT: For today or tomorrow actually.
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    Default Re: SPI depth being 'spread out' across the orderbook

    On the note of poor spreads, how about the Wednesday afternoon before the role, terrible terrible liquidity! Not sure how you even trade that junk!

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