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    Default For Godsakes, Start Being an Opposition

    I lifted this title from Lenore Taylor's column in The Australian yesterday and I am sure it puts into a nutshell how many people are thinking.

    The Coalition, up against a government which governs by grand symbolic gestures, white papers, green papers, reviews and watch programs, has barely laid a glove on them. Costello, the man who wants to be Prime Minister but hasn't the guts to be opposition leader, has destabilised the Liberals since the election.

    What is needed now is a "night of the long lives" from which a leader with backbone and strong party support could emerge. The problem at this time is that I have no idea who this could be, and there is a long list of those it shouldn't be.

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    She expresses it very well. I'm sure Brendan Nelson is a nice bloke, but there's no way he's ever going to cut it as Opposition leader.

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