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    Default Super on Option A or Option B

    Super on Option A
    - Australian Shares 37% to 47%
    - International Shares 34% to 44
    - Property 4% to 14%
    - Growth Alternatives 0% to 5%
    - Fixed Interest 2% to 12%
    - Australian Cash 0% to 5%
    - Defensive Alternatives 0% to 8%

    Super on Option B
    - Australian Cash 100%

    Iím wondering if anyone can enlighten me which would be better for my super within 1-2 years on Option A or Option B?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Super on Option A or Option B

    First of all you have to tell us about your risk profile, ie what are you prepared to lose?
    and, if you dont want to lose anything, are you happy to just protect your assets?

    CUE energy 21.6c average just before market crash...
    also holding NGE... fairway PNG LNG permits...

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    Default Re: Super on Option A or Option B

    I donít like losing some much of my super. (12 months down 7.45%)
    Not sure if too late to go Option B and just keep riding Option A.
    Lots of people telling me that we havenít reach the bottom yet and it will take 2 years to recovery from this.

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    Default Re: Super on Option A or Option B

    Quote Originally Posted by webclever View Post
    within 1-2 years.
    I do not know of the reason why you have stated a 1 - 2 year time frame for your super, but if you are in fact thinking of withdrawing a large chuck of it, then I would think that cash would be a more suitable option, no matter what the current market condition is. Of course, I don't know of your financial situation or your reason, so I would recommend you to seek professional advice unless you fully understand the risks you are undertaking and if the either of the options would be a good fit for your strategy.

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