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    Gday everyone.

    Not sure this is actually worth creating a new thread, but I couldn't find a decent thread to post in. This thread is pretty simple, but I just don't know the answer myself...

    Taking out a home loan with ANZ to purchase my first home. This is the first loan I have ever taken out, and I've never really been involved in a friends or parents loan etc.

    Basically, what I want to know is, when does the first payment become due? Is it a certain time from settlement, is it always on a set day each month, or can you choose which day to start it? I've just been thinking about it tonight, and obviously don't have access to the person dealing with the loan atm.

    Likely to settle on the property about 1 Oct - 15 Oct, so when could I reasonably expect my first payment due?


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    Default Re: ANZ Mortgage repayments

    From memory, I think my first payment was a fortnight (was set up on fortnightly payments) after the loan was issued(settlement).

    But don't quote me on that was a number of years ago now, best to check with your bank.
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    Default Re: ANZ Mortgage repayments

    Talk to the bank and see about structuring your repayment after the day your pay is deposited, then it's in there, and add a little extra if you can.

    You used to be able to set your first repayment date to coincide with your income deposit, don't know about that now?

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