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    Default How to short Aussie stocks?


    What brokers do you guys use to short Aussie shares?

    Any brokers out there and in australian where this service is available ?


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    Default Re: How to short Aussie stocks?

    Macquarie Prime is a fairly decent one. Relatively low cost.

    Downsides - stop loss features fairly limited. Need to be manually maintained. No options trading via that platform. Forced availability of gearing. Some others, but generally an OK basic product.

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    Default Re: How to short Aussie stocks?

    thanks Paladin - I will chk them out as well.


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    Default Re: How to short Aussie stocks?

    Marketech is worth a look, simple and reliable platform with all the necessary stop etc functions.

    They have a banner ad on this site so I am assuming it is ok to post their site address
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