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    I don't know about you guys & gals, but I have absolutely no idea who is on our local council. It's not like they get the same media coverage to help guide choices when being "forced" to vote.

    How do ASFer's generally choose who to vote for local council elections? Do you stick with a particular Party Banner or are there some amongst us that actually research the inviduals?

    I must admit, I generally just choose the party I voted for in the Federal Election.

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    Where I live the aspiring councillors don't run under any Party banner, but as individuals. I'd say about half the citizens definitely research the candidates.
    Certainly all the people I know did this.

    I was listening to a radio interview recently where someone was suggesting the abolition of State governments and the expansion of local Councils, with the Feds taking over e.g. health and education. Now, our State governments might be pretty bad, but they would be beaten hands down in the incompetence stakes by any local governments in this part of Queensland.

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    The problem isn't unique to Qld - corruption and incompetence are rife in NSW councils as well - I do think that three levels of government is inefficient but I'd never support local councils taking a more prominent role.
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    Abolish the 6 state, 2 territorial and 850 local governments, and replace it with 40 regional governments. These regions could be decided on climate and geography, population concentration, industry and other factors which affect our lives. NOt just lines, that were drawn on a map between colonies with little rhyme or reason, over 200 years ago.
    Savings in duplication, from modernising our system to the 21st century,(thanks to computer/internet/transport that weren't around in 1800), would be about $30 billion a year. Worth looking at don't you think?

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    Still retaining the Federal government?

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    The NSW govt has actually sacked 7 local councils in the last 5 years.

    Port Macquarie council was sacked because of a little budget blowout in their cultural and entertainment centre ... orginally slated to cost $6 million it ran over budget slightly and was clocking in at $41 million when the council got sacked

    Warringah council got sacked back in 2003 and has been run by an administrator for the last 5 years, the lack of councillors doesn't seem to have impacted its ability to operate - in fact it could be argued that it has been running more efficiently. The former councillors if I recall correctly included property developers and real estate agents that seemed to enjoy approving each others development guideline exemptions and selling council land to themselves amongst other things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julia View Post
    Still retaining the Federal government?
    Yes! A national government, that could handle the Murray River and all enviromental issues, that are more of regional matter than state.
    Law and order, where we have the same laws in each state.
    Health, where they can take over the adminstration, and work directly with hospitals, freeing up hundreds of millions of $$$, which could then pay for more nurses.
    An national education department, where we pick the best system in the western world, and implement through all australian schools. Having a national curriculum, giving teachers guidance, and knowledge of what the children have learnt before them.
    Etc, etc, etc
    This gives us a more accountable government, more bang for your tax $ buck, less finger pointing between governments, and a system that we can afford for the future. Otherwise the bureaucratic monster we have today,for a mere population of 22 million, will eventually send us all bankrupt!

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    Default Re: Local Council Elections

    Sounds good to me, G-Spot. I'd vote for that.

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    Default Re: Local Council Elections

    I research the individual candidates and generally avoid anyone associated with a party.

    As for the question of the role of the various levels of government, best comment I can make there is always plan for the worst. Don't make any level too responsible and give them absolute authority - sooner or later we'll get a crook one set to destroy everything so we're safer if no one government can do too much. I'm happy to pay a bit more for that safety and all it brings - we're talking about a lot more than financial implications if it goes badly wrong.

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    Back to voting for Local Councils in Victoria this month.

    Sometimes I think we have too many tiers of government....



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