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    Default 100% per Annum

    100% profit per year??

    Often traders talk about making 50%, 60%, 100% profit per year. When these figures are quoted we often get the compounding arguments thrown at us by investors more used to 10-20% per year on average. People say things like; “yeah sure, if you started with $10,000 you’d be a billionaire in x number of years!” with mocking disbelief.

    They do have a point. But 100% per year is possible, so why aren’t there hundreds of Warren Buffets running around?.......



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    I agree with your posts.
    Just to add a few other points.

    (1) Most traders are undercapitalised and as such try to make 1000% not being satisfied with realistic returns.

    (2) Commiting say even the funds we use to buy our own houses say $250K to the market isnt something most feel comfortable with.

    Mainly because.

    (1) They dont understand Money management.
    (2) They dont understand positive expectancy and its role in profit.

    Think youll agree that those who do succeed in all aspects of wealth creation seem to have bigger kahunas than Joe Average.
    In reality thats not so.But pulling the trigger is a huge issue for most---the higher the $$$$s involved the harder to make that first move.

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    They probably made that kind of money from margin lending which has been a good market to do it (bar last month).

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    Also achieving 100% returns becomes harder the longer you spend in the market

    2001 - 2003 I had 100%+ returns each year, last year was flat but also wasn't invested fully either

    Its possible but I've found its best to have a few stocks to buy and hold (or trade)
    2005 already a few 100% return chances, waited too long to get into a few of the opportunities

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    Just want to emphasise that my post refers specifically to daytrading.

    Also possible daytrading just about anything with a decent daily range.

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    Keep up the good posts Wayne!

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