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    Hi , heres my latest too good to miss out on offer i recieved in my email box, where do these people find our addys from ?


    Thank you for your response. As I did explain in my very first email message, this amount of US$ 3,500,000.00 was realized as excess profits made by this branch of the International Commercial Bank which I head. Presently, I have the funds lodged in a Non-Investment Account without a beneficiary. The transfer would be via a conventional Bank-to-Bank.

    The modalities I have mapped to round up the transfer of the funds to your haven include the following:

    (1)I will configure your names on the Database of the entire International Commercial Bank Ghana as the depositor/holder of the Escrow Call Account presently holding the US$ 3,500,000.00.

    (2)With your names duly programmed on our banks database, I will issue a Backdated Deposit Slip showing your name as holder of the Escrow Account. The Backdated Slip would also indicate that the account has existed with our bank before now.

    (3) In lead of the above steps, I will then provide you with a draft application that you shall rewrite on your business letterhead and then, email it to the Head Office of our bank requesting Closure of the Account/ wire transfer of the proceeds to your designated bank account in your country, Alternatively, you may apply and we shall process a Cash Payment of the Funds through any of our Offshore Agent nearer to you.

    With the above structures, you practically become a customer of our bank. When you therefore apply to my head office for closure of the account/transfer of the funds to your designated bank account, the scenario would wear the context of a foreign customer who wants his account closed and the funds transferred to him abroad.

    If you concur with this proposal, kindly get back to me with your full names,your physical address, your direct telephone and fax number and copy of your IDonly. With your prompt attention, this transaction would be completed withinfive days.

    I enclose herewith my working ID for your records.

    With regards,
    Dr Anthony

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    I read the other day that the Nigerian Government wants the people who reply to and become involved with these scams jailed as well, fair call I say !
    May Peace Be With You

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    The one i recieved before this was from some little province in russia , they want to jail ppl that try too see what the scam is about too ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nunthewiser View Post
    The one i recieved before this was from some little province in russia , they want to jail ppl that try too see what the scam is about too ?
    No just people who get involved in it.

    Does anyone actually feel sorry for the people (the so called victims) in Australia who lose money to these people ? I find it hard to fathom that people stupid enough to fall for this stuff actually have any money in the first place ... After being ripped off they should get jailed for attempted fraud, pretty simple really. ( well not necessarily Jailed, but just face the law like anyone else)
    May Peace Be With You

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    yes fair call .......

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    A tactic used by scammers/snake oil salesman -- if you expose them they send the snakes in to sift through your life and find some garbage on you to keep you quiet.

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    There's a site where the owner baits the scammer and gets him/ her to do all sorts of weird stuff, like getting a tattoo and sending a photo etc.

    Seriously, sometimes I've felt sorry for the scammer, this guy is absolutely ruthless and merciless (but there's some funny stuff).


    They call is "scambaiting".

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    Actually after thinking about it , anyone sending back those details and ID asked for, could actually be setting themselves up for a major identity theft kinghit too , wonder how many ppl actually go thru the steps in the name of greed ?

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    Here's an instance from FIDO. Hard to believe anyone would fall for this, especially just on the basis of a phone conversation!

    Kim, aged 35, has a dream of travelling the world.

    'To achieve this, I've got to work hard and save hard. I'd been making huge personal contributions to my superannuation as I believed that this was the most secure and effective way of getting enough to retire early and travel,' Kim said.

    'The last few years though have been absolutely shocking. Year after year of negative returns on my superannuation, and the administrators still had the hide to charge me fees for the privilege of having them lose my money for me.

    'Then I saw an advertisement in the local paper that said I could get my superannuation in my hands for me to control. This was exactly what I was looking for.

    'I called the number advertised and Greg, who answered, was really knowledgeable. He said that what I could do was put the money into a self managed superannuation fund and that then I could either invest it myself or that he could invest it for me. He had a huge range of investment options, property, shares, importing and selling motor cars, and his worst performer last year returned 45%. I decided to go ahead with a self managed super fund and asked him to manage my investments for me.

    'It was a really tight operation. Every month I got statements telling me how well my fund was performing, and I just paid an administration fee at the end of the year. Sure it was more expensive than what I paid at my original fund, but with the returns I was getting it was worth it.

    'Then one day I got a call from an investigator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission asking me about my investment and wanting me to be a witness in a prosecution against Greg's company. Of course I said no. Greg had never been anything but good to me and he was getting fantastic returns on my investment. Imagine my surprise when the investigator turned up at my home with the bank statements for my fund, showing how the money had gone into the account but had been withdrawn in hundred dollar amounts at the local casino. Only $550 of my $30,000 superannuation balance was left!

    'So what happened to my investment plan? Turns out Greg had a gambling problem and he ran this scheme to fund it. So now I'm giving evidence. But as it turns out Greg's already a bankrupt and with his gambling problem there seems little chance of me getting any money back, even if he is convicted.

    'Worst of all, the fund I had transferred out of has started getting really good returns, turns out it wasn't really their fault, just the market performing badly. Had I stayed with them I would have made up the money that I had originally lost and my funds would have been building again.'

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    Default Re: Gotta love a scam

    And another one i received today , and i agree if some one is dumb enough to fall for this crap what hope has the world got really LOL

    EuroMillones Loteria S.A
    Apartado de Correos 48,
    28230 Las Rozas,
    Madrid, España.

    Attn: Winner,

    Finally today, the result of winners of the EuroMillones
    Loteria S.A E-mail program held on the 13TH OF AUGUST 2008
    was announced. Your e-mail address attached to TICKET No:
    SM03A124 with REFERENCE No: B653-6590 drew STAR No:
    7018-0189-7054 which consequently won in the 2ND CATEGORY,
    you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of
    ?975,000.00cents (Nine Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand Euro).

    The draw was carried out through random sampling (A
    QUATITATIVE TECHNIQUE) in our computerized email selection
    programme (TOPAZ) from a database of over 10,000,000 email
    addresses drawn from 66 Countries around the World.

    The online draws was conducted by a random selection of
    email addresses from an exclusive list of 30,031 E-mail
    addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an
    advanced automated random computer search from the internet.
    As such no tickets were sold but all email addresses were
    assigned to different ticket numbers for representation,
    identification and privacy purposes.

    This promotion is to encourage our prominent Microsoft
    Internet Explorer users all over the world. Electronic Mail
    Loteria is approved and Licensed by the International
    Association of Lottery (IAL). Ensure to keep your winning
    information in confidence until your award is duly processed
    and claimed, this is part of our security measures to avoid
    double claiming or unwarranted advantage taking of the
    situation by other participants or impersonators in some cases.

    To begin your claim, you will have to complete a release
    order form which will be enclosed in the confirmation email
    from the claim processing agent. Contact the claim agent
    immediately via email or telephone with the information below:

    EuroMillones Loteria-Claim Processing Agent

    Name: Enviado Castano Cruz

    Email Address: euromlsa_claimagent01@indiatimes.com

    Telephone: +34 658 261 046

    You are to send the information below to the CLAIM
    PROCESSING AGENT via email for the confirmation of your winning.

    1. Your full names: 2. Your address: 3. Telephone/fax
    numbers: 4. Occupation/age:

    5. Amount won: 6. Reference Number: 7. Security File Number:
    8. Ticket Number:

    9. Reconfirm Email Address: 10. Date Notified:

    Note that your SECURITY FILE NUMBER IS SF9870/0090/011/EML
    (keep personal) remember, all prize money must be claimed
    within two weeks. Failure to do so your winning amount will
    be returned to the Ministerio De Economia Y Hacienda as
    Un-claimed. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and
    complications please remember to quote your Security File
    Number in all correspondence with the Claim Officer.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Natalia GOMEZ
    Loteria Coordinator

    - All claims are nullified after 14 working days from today.
    - Do inform the claims officer of any change of Names,
    Address and E-mail.
    - All winners under the age of 18 are automatically


    ---------------------- ALICE N°1 de la RELATION CLIENT 2008*--------------------
    Découvrez vite l'offre exclusive ALICE BOX! En cliquant ici http://abonnement.aliceadsl.fr Offre soumise à conditions.*Source : TNS SOFRES / BEARING POINT. Secteur Fournisseur d.Accès Internet

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    Default Re: Gotta love a scam

    Quote Originally Posted by nunthewiser View Post
    Actually after thinking about it , anyone sending back those details and ID asked for, could actually be setting themselves up for a major identity theft kinghit too , wonder how many ppl actually go thru the steps in the name of greed ?
    Unfortunately quite a few - 60 minutes had a story on the Nigerian scammers, plenty of information on the net for anyone who wants to spend more than 30 seconds of thinking prior to handing over their life story & banking records.

    As unfortunate as it sounds, sometime the scams are so blatent they appear to be more of a financial "natural selection" than standard fraud.
    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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