With the reporting season just about over, I ran a check on how my final dividends will fare compared with last year's finals.

Overall, its better than last year. Some have taken a knock (eg IAG, LLC) but these have been more than made up for by the likes of BHP, RIO & WPL.

Despite difficult conditions, other stocks in the portfolio (eg banks) will probably hold their dividend next year. It might just take a few years for them to start increasing again. Its almost certain BHP, RIO & WPL will increase again next year.

You could be unlucky and have one or two stocks that might not ride out the current conditions, but thats why diversification is so valuable.

It just shows, if you've got a long term view market downturns don't really matter. Just look for shares that will increase their dividends over time (including growth companies that aren't paying a dividend yet, but will in the future) and enjoy the ride!