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    Default Has anyone used easybroker as broker?

    I was just looking at the broker fee comparisons and Easybroker seems to be the cheapest. $26 flat fee for trades up to $500,000. I currently use directshares but since they changed their fees, the volume discount doesn't kick in for me anymore and I frequently go over their threshhold trading limit which pushes my trades over $30. I am bit wary of using a broker that isn't that well known. Does anyone have any experience with Easybroker? Are they OK? I have read all their terms and conditions and they sound OK.

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    Maybe try Commsec? My transactions are around the $10 000 mark or so.

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    When you start to get into the higher value trades it is a bit hard to go past these two.



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    I've used them for some years and find them great.
    You won't do better than $26 for trades up to $50,000 (NOT $500,000)
    and larger trades are no more than others. In fact $45 per $50,000.
    I have made larger trades but split them into under $50k bites. That way you are only paying $26 per $50,000 instead of $45 or $55 with others.

    Disadvantages? Yes, there is no interest paid on cash balances.
    Answer! Leave smaller amounts there and BPay extra funds when you know you are going to trade with larger amounts.
    Hope this helps.

    PS: my 2 sons also use them on my recommendation AND
    I am only a client, have no interest in them and don't work for them.

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