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    Default Questions about ASX - ReferencePoint


    ASX has a premium data service called ReferencePoint.

    * what is it?
    * is the info available elsewhere ?
    * is it worth having ?


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    I've never heard of this and a search on the ASX website for the term brings up a nil result.
    Could you provide a link to what you are talking about?

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    thanks julia, here you go.

    have a look at the right hand column on page 5.


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    Default Re: Questions about ASX - ReferencePoint

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    This is what the link for the info on the ASX site:



    ReferencePoint™ provides a comprehensive range of security reference data and corporate action services.

    ReferencePoint includes an intraday Corporate Action service, full reference details of issuers and securities listed and traded on ASX, as well as hourly and end of day market snapshots.

    The main delivery mechanism for ReferencePoint is through ASX Online, and the files are delivered in .csv format. They are also available through a VPN delivery mechanism which provides ReferencePoint files in ASCII format."

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    Default Re: Questions about ASX - ReferencePoint

    Thanks Les and ASXGorilla, I was just curious because I wasn't familiar with the term. Not interested for myself.
    One of you can probably answer Mark's original question?

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    Default Re: Questions about ASX - ReferencePoint

    Thanks everybody - I guess it could not be too important then.

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