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    I'm looking for alist of stocks that went ex-div yesterday. If someone could be kind enough to post or direct me to a list please?

    Comsec has one - but for upcoming only. I'm after historical. Thanks

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    Not sure if this is a comprehensive list, but it's a start..


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    ASX provides this but not sure how far back you can go.


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    Thanks for the links.

    Almost there... the list you gave Dezza is indeed not very comprehensive... infact it's missing quite a lot... I wonder how they can go around advertising the website "exdividends" and get away for a shabby list like that... anyway thanks for the link...

    Julia: I visited asx intially, but it requires you to enter the actual stock code in. I was more interested in a list of stocks that went ex-div on a particular date.

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    OK. I see. Perhaps ask Rozella. He knows pretty much all there is to know about dividends.

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    You could use this link

    However, as it only shows upcoming dates, you would have to write them down today in order to use them tomorrow.
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    Oops, you've already tried that with CommSec. My apologies.
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