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    i bought a nintendo ds and the dr. kawashima brain training game a few weeks ago for my sister in law, and i am very very impressed with this toy. it is easy yet challenging and undoubtedly helpful in keeping your mind sharp and agile. it is a good family thing as we all do it and it has become quite competitive with top scores and brain ages etc.

    personally i feel a lot more switched on in general and the memory results speak for themselves, when i started i could only remember 8 of the 30 words (apparently people can only remember 8 things) but now its in the mid 20's because it taught me to remember images instead of words. i always hated maths and thought sudoku was rubbish (because i couldn't do it) but now i'm plowing my way through the sets and having a great time.

    they are about $200 new (get them to throw in a case / headphone set) and the game is $40 - $50, or $70 for an older model second hand. i highly recommend this for you or your kids or whoever to improve your most important asset, your mind.

    anyone else playing with one of these?

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    What was the question again?

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    read the last line again. expand on your experience if you feel so inclined. it also works on comprehension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice View Post
    What was the question again?
    You can say that again.

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    Brain training is cool on the DS. I reached the top age of 20 (it is isn't ? ... i haven't done it in a while) ... I took a break for a few weeks and scored the best age again ... so was happy and moved on, so many neat gadgets these days to fill time in transport to work if not concentrating on the road ... audible books I guess u could use then if driving ... I find myself jumping from mp3 players, to the DS, to books ... but yep I think the Nitendo DS brain training is good fun and probably useful .. most of my work is of an analytical nature anyhow, so really not sure how beneficial it was for me, but its good stuff anyhow.

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    Actually another interesting exercise for working out the mind is learning a foreign language.

    In Australia, you have quite a few people that can already speak another language, however for a few of us that only know English growing up, trying to learn another language is a great 'brain' exercise in itself.

    My first attempt at this is studying Indonesian about 15 years ago as an additional subject at Uni.

    Anyhow, doing it all over again now learning Italian (with a trip planned next year) ... some reading this will laugh, but to me it is an incredibly tough, learning a foreign language, with having male and female word changes for objects ... anyhow a great brain exercise in itself (also I believe the DS may have a French and Spanish program ... unfortunately no Italian at this stage).
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