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    Default Attention to all iPod owners

    Is it just me or iPod are a little too overrated these days? The fact that people call use the term "iPod" as if it covers all mp3 players really gets to me.

    So that was the basis for me class research; about the popularity of iPod in Australia.

    I have written a half-arsed questionnaire on it so if you own an iPod, and wouldn't mind sparing a few minutes, please do click on the link.


    If you don't on the other hand, please, I can assure you could find plenty of other ways to waste your time.

    Any suggestion or criticism are of course welcome.
    (For the sake of things, for Question 4 if you have an iphone, just tick the "iPod touch" box if you wish.)
    Thanks in Advance.

    If this breaks any rules on this forum, feel free to delete.

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    Default Re: Attention to all iPod owners

    People here dont buy iPods they buy apple shares
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    Default Re: Attention to all iPod owners

    I started your survey but then realised it was only about ipods. I bought an MP3 player for a stupidly, unbelievably, low price instead of an ipod.
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