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    Trying to put together a list of companies involved in engineering construction in both resources and public infrastructure. Even if resources falls over the construction books are full and with money to be spent upgrading hospitals, roads, railway, etc, etc it should go on for a couple of years.

    Only ones I can think of are BKN,LEI, WOR. But there must be heaps, any ideas?

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    WOR is the one and only Grilly lives and breaths it and loves it , has sure made me a rich man since April 2004 when i placed $350k in the Hands of Grilly and team i still hold every share and i will as long as John Grill is in charge the guy is WOR and a engineering money making deal crunching ball breaker that loves what he do,s and this story still has huge growth still IMO for the sector.

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    Please excuse the late reply mobcat.

    I am presently buying Construction, Engineering and Drilling/Mining services companies, as they are at historic lows.

    Some will fail, those that survive will provide good profits.

    Après la pluie, le beau temps.

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    As minds only now starting reacting to dropping of work from mining development into production, through to January probably as good a time to review all of them for ideas of where employment may recover...

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