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    My computer, which is only a year or so old and purpose built, has always sounded like an idling jumbo.

    It also makes a soft whistle noise which I am convinced is causing a 24hr ringing in my ears -- which is slowly sending me mad.

    Any ideas on changes that can be made to the computer to silence it once and for all?

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    Might be a Fan inside your computer, put your PC up on the desk and try isolate where the noise is coming from, maybe a blade of the fan is slightly bent and rubbing off the casing, or possibly a bearing... very easy to replace or try bend back into position... Noise might also be coming from your power supply or even your computers internal Speaker...

    First give us an indication of where you think the sound might be coming from.

    Remember that before you go poking around inside the computer you should have the power off and Earth yourself so not to blow anything from any static build up you might have.

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    the first thing I would do is open it up (I'm presuming it's a desktop) and vacum out all the crap surrounding the fan.

    That's probably what's causing the noise imo

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    thanks for the feedback gents.

    i'll probably have my computer guy open it up and take a look,
    see if he can silence it once and for all

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    Hey James, It really isn't hard to do it yourself.

    I managed quite easily.

    Give it a shot, you'll be suprised.

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    i vacuumed my computer, now it wont restart - and yes i earthed myself

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    What sort of equipment did you use to earth yourself,


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