Found this on another forum ... some good ones in there when you consider them in aussie dollars!

"I though I'd compile a list of brilliant/bizzare “options”:

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, “Star-light” roof...


Bentley Continental Flying Spur ceramic brake upgrade, 20,000.

Nissan Navaro – You can get a tent to fit on the back.

Honda CRV – Shower attachment .

Ferrari badges for the wings of your ferrari 1000.

You can spec a Mercedes CLS 63 AMG to over 90,000 and still not have Sat-Nav.

M – class 2,625 for “offroad” suspension on a 4x4.

Alfa Romeo – You can have a GT or Brera the same colour as an 8c supercar for...15,255.

TVR charged you for paint regardless of which colour you wanted (Is that really an “option” then?), 500 for basic paint and 1500 for the reflex colours.

But all of these are shadowed compared to the Maybach:
Pamoramic glass sunroof - 6, 140.
Automatic screen between driver and passanger - 12,510
Megaphone that allows you to talk to people outside the car from inside - 940 (Mind you, how great would it be being able to shout at people outside the car “Get out of my way peasants!” without even having to wind down the window)"