Hi All

For all those lovers of disco, Countdown and 80's music - Christie Allen died yesterday from a battle with pancreatic cancer.

She had a couple of hit songs "He's my Number One" and "Goosebumps". From memory, "He's My Number One " was at the time, the all-time highest selling single in the history of Mushroom Records.

Jump on You Tube and watch the the filmclips. She was a cutie and they were classic songs from the day!! Wonderful memories. You won't hear the songs on the radio but if you haven't heard them for a while I guarantee a shiver down the spine followed by your mine wandering down a beautiful 1980 memory lane.

Although she didn't have a long career, she and her family can take solice in the knowledge that those couple of songs are a fond reminder to a great many people of an era in their lives when everything was new, young and innocent.