I'm putting in my enrollments for university. Melbourne Commerce was my first priority, but a more serious look at there web site has me questioning whether it is really worth the prestige.

I'm worried specifically about what kind of subjects I'll be made to study - "an exciting new collection of University-wide breadth subjects from which students can study. These cover topics such as Climate Change and Australian Indigenous Studies."

I don't know about you guys, but I don't really want to study to be a leader "both at work and in their [my] community", especially in whatever sense they mean.

Is anyone at Melbourne now who has an opinion on this? Is this 'New generation' as bad as it sounds?

My other option would be Commerce or Economics at Monash where I would also be credited for my studies at Finsia (apparently Melbourne refuses to credit it). The only benefit I see Melbourne having for me is the name, and unfortunately, that is a real benefit.