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    Default Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    You might be able to get away with lying to the police, you can even lie in court with God as your witness, but you should never, NEVER, EVER lie to Eddie!!!

    This is a funny story. Jump on the net and have a read.

    Heath Shaw had an accident where he ran into 3 parked cars. No big deal? Wrong!! Where do we start?

    #Blood alcohol reading of .144
    #Against team rules to be drinking after a game
    #Was out past team curfew
    #Told police and club officials that a passenger was in the car that was "not related to Collingwood"
    #Told police that Alan Didak was not in the car
    #Told police that he rang Didak to come and help because he would know what to do. Shaw then said "When he arrived I then told him to go away because I was surrounded by people and didn't need him".
    #Team President,Coach and Club Captain front the press to say that Didak was not involved and publicly supports Didak over the allegations.
    #A day later Shaw confesses that Didak was the passenger after numerous neighbours report seeing Didak in the car after the incident.

    Eddie must be giving Gordon Ramsay a run for his money today!!! Eddie's comments last month when Didak was re-signed......."He has again earned back our respect and trust".

    You probably won't get the sack for drive driving....but you might get the sack for making the CEO look like a buffoon!!

    If Collingwood are serious about cleaning up the club they need to sack Didak and suspend Shaw for the remain games this season.

    Remember - it's not a lie if you truely believe it yourself.

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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    Just what the Pies didn't need seeing as they are now fighting for a spot in the finals.

    I'd be laughing if I didn't have both players in my dream team, I'm really going to struggle now, lol.

    Eddie would be fuming considering how strong he backed them up last night same as Burns. Talk about the quickest way to destroy the team spirit of a club, lie to your teammates, captain & senior officials and then get them to back you up in front of the media, lol. Now they all look like asses.

    What I don't understand is why they needed to lie about it, I mean how much trouble would Didak have got into if he had said straight up he was in the car?
    Not as much as he's in now I'm betting.

    I think they will try to trade Didak at the end of the year, he has now cost them too much. Be interesting to see what other clubs are willing to trade for him, not as much as a month ago I'm betting.
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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    Bet they both get a slap across the wrists and play before the finals.

    Money is more important than morals.

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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    He's one of the most talented players but one of the dumbest, right alongside fevola

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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    I got into a fight with his brother when we were in primary school in Adelaide. It was over a flying fox that Alan want to go on and his brother came along and pushed me off it so his brother could have a go. A punch out started and before you know it, we were rolling on the ground. I ended up giving him (Didak's brother) a bloody nose... I think I got a black eye for the effort too...

    Later that day, Didak's father came around and asked for an explanation and an appology,... all I remember was that I was scared sh!tless seeing the big man... lol... kids

    The Didaks are gooses indeed...

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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    Didak has just signed his trade papers. You can't have so many chances yet continue to blow them.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer club
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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by nomore4s View Post
    I think they will try to trade Didak at the end of the year, he has now cost them too much. Be interesting to see what other clubs are willing to trade for him, not as much as a month ago I'm betting.
    Other AFL clubs would be crazy to touch him. Maybe he should try out for a game of rugby in France.
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    Default Re: Collingwood - Didak You Goose!!!

    I have to eat humble pie. It seems that Eddie and the club have taken a tough stance finally - congratulations to them.

    I would like to see them follow through and not renew the two contracts.

    Even better if other clubs ignored them too - I am sure there are heaps of decent players willing to take their places.


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