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    Hope this isn't tripping over any previous threads but does anyone have any information on how markets other countries with a resource/commodity base are performing relative to Australia? I read in passing that Brazil and Canada, for example, were doing better but I can't verify that. How come our transparent, robust regulatory environment and a resources boom end up with our markets getting slugged 30% worst than the real invalid, the U.S? (I'd even be happy with parity...)
    Does it strike anyone as odd that continental Australia with a population the same as Shanghai or Cairo and 5 million less than Mexico City can't seem to quite get the mix right when it comes to getting us on a sound footing for the future. Surely almost any one or two of our economic sectors would be big enough to get adequate infrastructure, services and (especially) incentive/imagination on the go for a city size population?
    Like the old lady in the mid-80's Wendy's ad. said of her skimpy burger, .... "where's the beef?" Where does our wealth go?
    Is it a cultural cringe that has us too readily doffing our beanies to the powers that be? What are the financial effects and influence of overseas interests? Are state governments anachronisms, now merely bureaucratic and financial friction slowing the nation? (That's not really a question, more a statement of the bleeding obvious). Nine education departments (and the same multiple iterations of health, housing etc.,) for Cairo ... we're kidding right?
    Australia must develop self belief that go way beyond sporting prowess. We are arguably the world's best country but we don't know it in our bones. We don't yet walk that fact unconsciously and proudly in our everyday lives. Let's decouple quickly (a crude image about how we're facing (... away) comes to mind here but etiquette restrains me).

    I want us to light a fire in the eyes of our children; let's re-invent and re-conceptualise the nation we want them to inherit. We are capable of world's best practice in policy, administration, service infrastructure and sheer hard graft. What on Earth is holding us back?


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    Default Re: Australia's performance and lots of questions.

    Hi Michael, what about the perception or reality that foreign investment, coupled with foreign ownership, is required for mining companies to get off the ground?We have chinese owning chunks of our resources and seppo accents running the shows.

    Where were the producers when the chinese demand was starting to rise.The explorers jumped out of the woodwork like flies to a bar-b-que, the worst ones being the goldies who are still scratching in the outback somewhere waiting for something --- maybe some chinese to give em some money to scratch around a bit more.The uranium explorers, fly by nighters.

    Infrastructure .... more roads, bridges, tunnels to make way for more of our guzzolene machines.While the p.m. promotes an emissions trading scheme.

    Overweight slobs and lazy, sly sheilas (spitting out kids for a baby bonus and an extra handout in the dole queue) rolling out of bed once a fortnight to pick up the dole.Not even some work for dole or charity work to earn it.Don`t need to work when they pay you for doing nothing in Australia.

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    Smile Re: Australia's performance and lots of questions.

    I'm not against foreign investment per se. It's lack of transparency that irks. The more Chinese investment the better. While the negotiating phase requires your full attention, in my experience such business relationships are characterised by strength in the relationship, long term mutuality and rock solid dependability.

    On the topic of welfare, there are individuals and families that need a hand up. Those who are sick and those who are long term carers particularly, deserve a chance to live with dignity. Long term welfare dependence which traps individuals is a challenge to be met through education and opportunity. That's a good example of where public incentive/imagination could better facilitate matching demand and supply in the labour market by better assisting the under-employed and the unemployed to be more mobile in pursuing work opportunities. As to training, I note that politicians get to run large complex departments with no experience from a standing start. Some turn out to be quite good.

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    Default Re: Australia's performance and lots of questions.

    I've been going through my own cultural cringe of sorts lately and I've come to the conclusion that it's not always how much money you make but what you do with it.

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    Default Re: Australia's performance and lots of questions

    That's interesting. I've had varying income at times and what I've noticed is that at least on a day to day basis you adjust fairly readily. I think there's a kind of internal setting that means your life has a kind of stability of form (social, recreational,interior life) no matter what's coming in. Trying not to be Walt Disneyish here, but really seeing the world, feeling the breeze on your face and engaging with your children is moneyless. Most of the differentiation I see as a result of varying incomes is reflected in the car and the house and they're no big deal really given what I've said above.
    What we do with money is governed by our internal settings but as we grow, IMO duty and service form authentic and longstanding sources of personal satisfaction.

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