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    Default Simulating discretionary trading on historical data

    I'm looking for a package allowing me to do this. Unfortunately most products appear to only allow real-time simulation, e.g. Ninja Trader.

    The only thing I've found that allows simulation on historical is NeoTicker which costs $100/month.

    Would like access to order book, time&sales, spread and daily vol / OI data.

    Additionally, would anyone happen to know a broker allowing me to trade Hang Seng / Nikkei / DAX / * anything liquid and suitable for our timezone* MINI's?... without age restrictions on margin (IB). Mini's only because I don't want to blowup.
    Thank you
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    Default Re: simulating discretionary trading on historical data

    Hi robin hood ,not sure if this is what you want ,but for practise get "incredible charts " which is free for delayed data version . Pick a stock of choice althou i try to pick one i dont know history , take data on chart back 3 years then just click through one day at a time and write down buys ,sells stoplosses trend lines and c how one wouldve went over the 3 year period . Some say waste of time doing this , i find helpful ,thou real money lost even small amount teaches one to ,

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