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    ALE is a stock of the old Ganky stable, and never did much apart some shrude manipulations on the back of unrealised ann. as StemCell and Holoman ,, those 2 projects did make quit a bit for the traders and the underwriter, who is Arthur Philip stir by Paggy and Pooly,
    the latest ann. is the mystery placement at 1 cents to Cranswick tycoon,
    the shares were trading at 2.5 and now 3, went close to 4 which is just below the previous gap..
    seems to be a bit of support at 3 cents, but not confirmed..
    ironically there seems support in the options trading at 3, and the options should be technically 1.2 where there is the real support/value
    why the support in the gap??
    the options excercise 4 cents 2012.
    Mystery ?? is Stemcell still on and Holoman and Cranswick??
    any light in this very obscure situation..
    which gap to jump.

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    Post ALE - Alexanders Securities

    in hard time, a good ALE always make you feel better
    read the report cautiously.. it is full of hints
    Ifeel they will make it go

    behind the scene, i think they will float it,,
    but they gave 100 mils shares to Crawley investment,, and this guy got the reputation to make things happen.. he use to run MON i think..

    read the ann.. placement to Crawley investments
    the Kiernan brothers

    AUSTRALIA - Crawley Investments Pty Ltd agreed to acquire a 24.78% stake, or 100 mil new ordinary shares in Alexanders Securities Ltd, an investment company, for 0.01 Australian dollar ($.097 US) per share, or a total value of A$1 mil ($0.974 mil), in a privately negotiated transaction. The transaction was subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals. is still

    that a copy of the ann. and all will be ratified on the meeting 17 0ctober

    Alexanders Securities (ALE) is an investment holding company. ALE has a number of investments in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. The Company has a portfolio of investments in listed and unlisted shares. Alexanders Securities was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 24 August, 1971. The Company has its head office based in Sydney. During the year ended December 31, 2007, the companys primary activities included general investment; investment of funds in loans, shares and other securities, and examination of venture capital and financial services in these activities, as part of the general investment operations.

    The Company is a self-governing, specialist broker of high yielding and distressed securities and loans. The Company has a large global investor base that makes possible for it to figure out buyers for all asset classes and illiquid securities.

    Alexanders Securities has its key investment in Stem Cell Technologies Ltd, which is an unlisted public company. ALE holds a 75% interest in the company. ALEs core product of SCT is marketed to mothers-to-be under the name CellSense. The services provided by Stem Cell Technologies include the collection, processing and cryopreservation of umbilical cord stem cells.

    accordingly the share price seems to be at a big premium.. must be a reason..
    looks like they will give it a bash

    the chart looks good to

    Link Provided: ichart.finance.yahoo.com/z?s=ALE.ax&t=1y&l=on&z=m&...

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