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    What do or would you use as a Chart notation package if you wanted to make Notes/Arrows etc on a chart which didnt have the capability built in.

    Must be simple and flexible.
    Dont mind paying if I have to.


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    Ifran view is a good FREE graphic editor, if you want to do a screen scrape (Print Screen) of the chart and then add notations and save the chart as a file.


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    Paint - as provided in Windows.
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    you can download free for thirty days. Costs 49.95...excellent

    I found out about it by reading Dr Alexander Elder's book "Sell and Sell short". It's what he uses...

    An excellent book BTW... Pricey but worth it...It's cheaper on ASF website than Dymocks..if your interested
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    snagit is great
    i used it at my old job all the time

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