I am looking to ASF for a bit of help. To complete my Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) I am required to complete a project start to finish for an organisation in the next 6 months. This project may involve any business with more than 5 employees and must aim to further develop the business in one way or another. What I am after is an opportunity to be involved with a business that could benefit from having a final year student work on a marketing plan, feasibility analysis or a product launch. Basically this project is aimed at anyone who is looking to grow their business but is either: yet to do so due to lack of experience, research or simply doesnít have the time to do so.

Preferably I would like the project to have an entrepreneurial flair, but this is not essential. I am happy to work on almost any project and the only requirement I have is that I must be able to work partially from home over a 10-12 week period. Over this 10-12 week period I will aim to best explore and research the project. From the research I will produce a report that clearly and concisely outlines my findings. Other than giving me an insight into your business and being able to spend a few hours each week discussing the progress of the report there is no commitment from yourself time wise or financially.

All feedback would be greatly appreciated, I will be able to give anyone interested more information once interest is shown, please feel free to contact myself via private message.

I look forward to hearing from a business that is looking for a final year business student to work for free on their business on a project they choose and control.

Best Regards,