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    Default Port Oakajee Decision..... Finally!

    A Japanese-backed WA company has won the right to build the $1.5 billion Oakajee port north of Geraldton.

    Oakajee Port and Rail, a joint venture between Mitsubishi and WA iron ore miner Murchison Metals, has been announced by Premier Alan Carpenter as the successful tenderer to build the port.

    The company was bidding against the Chinese-backed Yilgarn Infrastructure for the port contract.

    The deepwater port is expected to Ownership of the port will remain with the Government, as will the breakwater, channel and turning basins as they are built.

    Other users will be granted third-party access to private-use infrastructure such as berths and loading equipment "on fair and equitable terms", be used mainly by the Mid-West region's burgeoning mining industry and occupants of the Oakajee Industrial Estate, about 25km north of Geraldton

    Just a few excerpts from the Oakajee announcement today for the full article link is below

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    Default Re: Port Oakajee Decision..... Finally!

    Which one had the Hase been supporting?
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    Default Re: Port Oakajee Decision..... Finally!

    um............ as a previous resident of geraldton and owning land in howatharra adjacent to the said "oakagee development " it sounds really luverly in the articles and media .......but a little reminder springs to mind ..... anyone remeber "kingstream" ? anyone rember the hoo haa regarding ports and wow boys we gunna builds a big one ......... um what happens when china drops the ore price ? just a side note a few may not realise .... the midwest had this same iron ore boom MANY years back already AND these same mines /ore bodies have been reopened again in this latest boom , weird aint it anyways bugga it .. i aint smiling about my lil landholding nr oakagee till the fat lady sings but hey it sure sounds good ps i hold MGX and luvvem to bits ,,,,,,,,,, actually they paid for said landholding and have looked after me well since this luverly boom wasnt even thunk of.........oh PPS i think oakagee was gunna be built at least 6 times over the last 30 yrs but hey who nose one day they may get round to actually doin it .... gotta luv the midwest tho

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