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    I have been lurking around this site for some time and have only recently joined.

    My question, is it possible to get back copies of Rivkin Report, Fat Prophets, Huntley etc to develop a system based on their tips. Several years ago I did an exercise on the Rivkin Report where if you immediately purchased and sold at the end of 3 days after a tip a modest though consistent profit was possible.

    I am working on the basis that the weight of purchases will mean a slight increase in most stocks if they are subject to a positive report from one of the well known spruikers even if in the long term they are wrong.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    My guess is that in a bull market you can trade froth like that. But I'm pretty sure that all that enthusiasm has long gone from our market.

    A big problem with noting patterns like that is by the time they stand out and you have the confidence to trade them that is just about when they stop working
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    Quote Originally Posted by sydneyboy View Post
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    That sort of method is going to be very dependent on the price at which you can get in and out. Getting in to the stock will be the challenge as a few people thinking the same as you, trying to get in simulataneously, is going to have the potential to push the price agaiust you, so instead of getting in at $1.00 you might be getting in at $1.03 or whatever, which could make all the difference to the overall profitability. It might be very difficult to test the method on past information while it would be much easier to test it in actual real time, see at what price you could actually buy the stocks as the recommendations come out before risking $ on it.
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    Thanks for your insights it is gratifying that experienced traders as Trembling Hand and Timmy take the time to respond.

    On reflection TH was right as when I did the, admittedly brief, test on the RR it was in a far better market than now

    If for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity I wll try and test the various spruikers reports over the next 3 months

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