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    Just like to point out that NAB and ANZ are two of the most traded bank shares with the highest turnover today. Next time, take a bet against what you read. Screw 'em!

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    Obviously you own bank shares..

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    Quote Originally Posted by smh
    Analysts at Citibank yesterday changed recommendations on both banks from hold to sell, in a sweeping review of all the reasons to shed exposure to the sector
    I wonder if this is an indication that the smart money wants in?

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    Yes, true. I don't own them, just trade them.

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    I hear ya mate. I went short on both, just 20Gs each, I'm holding onto it, hoping Ive just done my usual trick of catching the bottom of a swell, but not the overall wave. Would be interesting to hear others accounts of news trading, its not something I tend to do often myself.

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    Sorry. I didn't go short today. I just took my profit. I went in a few days (16 actually) ago. I think NAB looks bad for a short.


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    well since I just closed these positions, time to update this thread


    sell $18.15 july 22
    buy $17.01 August 5


    sell $27.54
    buy $24.98 (same dates as above)

    Conclusion ... the news was good, but disregarded by the public, I dont even think that article made the papers, but the fall certainly did. Since none of these looked to be great shorts without the news, i had to hold on through a fair nail biting period before the news made good. Bad trading practise? probably, but in this case it paid off.


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