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    Default Mining stocks... where to get up to date commodity prices?

    I've been watching the mining stocks and found that their prices/movements often don't correlate with the overall market movements, and I'm assuming this is because they depend significantly on commodity prices, but I've been unable to find any sites that aren't subscription-based, that provide information on these prices (steel, zinc, copper, etc). Same goes for oil prices. Theres always an article in the news about the crude oil price, but I can't seem to find any good sites with any sort of charting facility or up to date prices.

    Am I missing something or is this info a closely guarded secret or something? Why isn't it available to the public on various sites in the same way that stock prices are available (albeit delayed 15-30 mins usually)?

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    Default Re: Mining stocks... where to get up to date commodity prices?

    There are a few places you can look.

    You can find gold here http://goldprice.org/live-gold-price.html and if you go instruments > Brent Oil and hit the overlay radio button you can see gold compared to oil.

    These sites are also good

    And there are also always the kitco sites

    these guys cover a wide range of commodities http://www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=commodities

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    Default Re: Mining stocks... where to get up to date commodity prices?

    This is a good one for all commodities energy, metals, softs etc.

    Has Charts updated after the US close.


    For a quik snap shot you could look at Bloomberg 20 min delayed prices.

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